Access Philosophy

Manager research is generally uniform across all intermediary channels.

  • Due diligence teams control nearly 75% of AUM.
  • Whether a due diligence team resides in a pension fund, an investment advisor or a broker-dealer etc., there is uniformity across the industry in all segments of the manager selection process.
  • Due diligence teams create allocation models for outcome based investments; introducing investment managers into these models is key for asset growth opportunities.
  • Financial advisors inside these intermediaries are captive to the recommended list that the due diligence teams provide. Therefore, access to the greatest number of advisors results from research approval.

Leveraged distribution – use a firm’s resources and don’t get hung up by “producers.”

  • A small number of decision makers influences the investment decisions of a much larger demographic. Many important leverage distribution points never show up in a sales report!
  • A small, disciplined and experienced sales force can effectively cover a very large asset base.